Branding – Traditional vs Modern

The Importance of “Traditional” Branding and “Modern” Branding \”Branding\” – Those in marketing know that this is the cornerstone to all things marketing. It is where you first start the journey for getting your company or product recognized out in the world. The very word branding started with a man named James Walter Thompson, the father […]

Non-Profit Marketing Tips

Non-Profit Marketing Tips Marketing tips for non-profits, specifically? Marketing is marketing is marketing. Whether you are a non-profit or for-profit company, large corporation or small business, the same marketing fundamentals apply. Your organization is your primary brand. Start by defining its architecture. Determine all of your potential audiences, and research what other similar groups (or competitors) […]

Microsoft Office Hints and Tricks

Try It Tuesday – Microsoft Office Hints and Tricks Many of us use Microsoft Outlook every day for email. In the following weeks, each Tuesday we will bring you Microsoft Office Hints and Tricks to use Office more efficiently. Millions of people use Microsoft Outlook to manage their email and calendar, at work and at […]

Tips for Your Website and Online Presence

TIPS FOR WEBSITE AND ONLINE PRESENCE Check your website load time. Your site may have been optimized when you first launched it, but any number of factors might have changed since then, affecting your page load times. Check at least once a month. Check your site’s search feature If your website has a search feature, […]

Creative Solutions

The possibilities for targeting your messages to your customers and prospects are endless. Use our Creative Solutions Blog for ideas! Direct Marketing Solutions’ Creative Solutions Blog offers all the latest tips and tricks to apply in your marketing campaigns. This blog features the latest online ad campaigns, hot new websites, interactive marketing, direct marketing, snail mail […]