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In this section of our Directly Speaking Blog, we share with you information on direct mailing trends, direct mail news and tips, postal issues and more.

Postal Rates Are Coming Down!

“You heard it here first, Postal rates are coming down!" Forced Price Reduction to Worsen USPS Financial Condition by $2 Billion Per Year Postal Service Exigent Surcharge Pricing to End April 10 WASHINGTON — Absent Congressional or court action to extend or make permanent an existing exigent surcharge for mailing products and services – including…
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Direct Mail and E-Mail Working Together

Direct Mail and E-Mail Working Together First impressions mean everything and your impression should be reinforced—many times, and in multiple channels—until the decision maker you want to influence sees you as a recognizable brand. Consider direct mail and e-mail working together. Multi-channel marketing is about using various mediums to reach your customer. There is an…
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Tips for the Best Saturation Mailing

Tips for the Best Saturation Mailing - What Is Saturation Mailing? Tips for the Best Saturation Mailing. A Saturation Mailing List allows you to possess one of the most powerful marketing tools available to cost-effectively reach the most customers and prospects. No second guessing. Simply put, your business message is delivered with a personalized address…
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Direct Mail Quick Tips

Direct Mail Quick Tips To Make the Most of Direct Mail Despite the high use of email, direct mail remains a critical component of any good marketing program — but it must be engaging and interactive to be effective. Creating personal connections with your customers via direct mail will help to get your mailers noticed…
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Tips for Choosing the Right Envelopes

Tips for Choosing the Right Envelopes Envelopes come in all shapes, sizes, styles, thicknesses and colors. Envelopes carry your company’s image as well as your documents. Here we give you tips for choosing the right envelopes. The first form of communication between companies often comes in the form of a letter, and therefore the envelope…
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Direct Mail Solutions

Direct Mail Marketing Increases Engagement, Builds Relations and Gets You Recognized Direct mail  aka bulk mail is essential to your company’s success.  At Direct Marketing Solutions, we have the tools, knowledge and experience to get you noticed! Direct mail is a great tool to keep your brand in front of your target market. In this category…
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