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#TipTuesday – Quick Tips for Political Mail

TipTuesday - Week 07/05/2016 TipTuesday - Ways to Send Political Mail Every Door Direct Mail Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM®) is a service from the Postal Service™ that allows you to mail to entire routes, as opposed to individual addresses. EDDM also allows campaigns to: Target entire cities, ZIP Codes™, neighborhoods, or individual mail routes.…
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#TipTuesday | Correct Information

#TipTuesday - Week 07/05/2016 #TipTuesday Double-check your mailing for correct information.  One of the simplest and best tips for sending Direct Mail is to make sure all the information you have on the letter or package is correct. Check addresses, spellings of last names, and if they have a PO box, make sure the package…
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