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Directly Speaking DMS Blog

Welcome to our Blog – “Directly Speaking” At Direct Marketing Solutions…we don’t just speak directly; we tell it how it is! Our blog delivers information on direct marketing trends, direct mail news, marketing tips, postal issues and more.

Database Solutions

Direct Marketing Solutions will save you time and money on your postage with smart database solutions. Is your data working hard for you? Do you know what garbage in/garbage out means? In this category of our blog, Database Solutions, Direct Marketing Solutions will help you save time and money on your postage with smart data…
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Fulfillment Solutions

Direct Marketing Services provides fulfillment solutions like - full warehousing, assembly, quality control, and inventory management for our prospective clients. So little time, so little space.  Is your business growing and you're facing the prospect of buying or renting a warehouse and hiring employees to do your order fulfillment? Coordinating multiple vendors for printing, fulfillment…
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Printing Solutions

Looking for solutions to your printing needs? Direct Marketing Solutions will not let you give off an amateurish impression. Looking for Printing Solutions? Your printed marketing materials say a lot about you. Direct Marketing Solutions will not let you give off an amateurish impression. It's no secret that printing can be a minefield. Whether it's…
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Creative Solutions

The possibilities for targeting your messages to your customers and prospects are endless. Use our Creative Solutions Blog for ideas! Direct Marketing Solutions’ Creative Solutions Blog offers all the latest tips and tricks to apply in your marketing campaigns. This blog features the latest online ad campaigns, hot new websites, interactive marketing, direct marketing, snail mail…
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Promotional Solutions

Need more than direct mail to advertise your business? Learn here on our Promotional Solutions blog about tips & tricks in using Promotional Marketing.   Promotional Solutions are unparalleled in their ability to attract new clients, increase brand awareness and ultimately grow your business. The use of promotional products for branding is so important. They act…
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