What’s in an Envelope?

Does envelope size matter?

Deciding on just the right envelope for your mailings can make a difference in your correspondence being read or tossed into the garbage can. Envelopes are available in various types and shapes. Now-a-days even personalized envelopes are available where you can design your own envelope in a color and shape you want. Though you can have envelopes custom-printed; the industry standards work out great for many projects and daily needs.

DMS Commercial EnvelopeCommercial Style

These envelopes are the most popular for business use and often for personal use as well. Called “standard” or “#10” envelopes, they are perfect for letters, direct-mail pieces and basic correspondence. They have commercial style flaps and diagonal seams. They are often utilized for invoices, paychecks and receipts and can have a window to display the recipient’s name and address.

DMS Baronial EnvelopeBaronial Style

These square envelopes are great for invitations and announcements on card stock. With a variety of colors to choose from, baronial envelopes’ deep, pointed flaps and side seams make it more inviting for the recipient as it stands out in the daily pile of mail.

DMS A Style EnvelopeA-Style 

Popular for photo cards for the holidays, announcements or an alternative to the traditional business envelope, A-Style offers a contemporary alternative to customary correspondence. A-Style envelopes are the same sizes as the Baronial envelopes but have a flap that is straight instead of pointed.

DMS Booklet EnvelopeBooklet Style

Booklet envelopes are perfect for newsletters or other multi-page mailings. The flap is on the long side. They are great to have on hand when a business-sized envelope doesn’t cut it and you need a larger sized envelope. They are available with gum seal, or self-seal.

DMS Catalog EnvelopeCatalog Style

The catalog envelope style size are large envelopes with a wallet style flap and center seams.  As its name implies, it can fit a standard catalog or magazine and is great for having your mailing stand out. The flap is on the short side, and they are available with gum seal, or self-seal.

DMS Square Style EnvelopeSquare Style

For larger invitations, announcements, coupons or event notifications, the square look gives this envelope an important feel and draws recipients to see what it entails.

Envelopes are just as important as the messages they deliver. It’s important to understand your options to make the best decision for your mailing. Direct mail marketing? Event invitations? newsletters? Choose the right envelope size for the job. Not sure? Download our DMS Envelope Sizes Chart to help!

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