Fun Fact Friday – 11/04/2016

Fun Fact Friday from Direct Marketing Solutions

women smokers

To get women to smoke cigarettes in the 1920s, tobacco companies devised a campaign of equating cigarettes as “torches of freedom.” The campaign helped women smoking jump from 5% in 1923 to 18.1% in 1935.


Planned obsolescence is a manufacturing decision by a company to make consumer products in such a way that they become out-of-date or useless within a known time period so that consumers are forced to buy a product multiple times rather than just once.

tshirt man

The T-shirt was invented in 1904 and marketed to bachelors who couldn’t sew or replace buttons.

cambells soup

 According to the New York Business Journal, the Campbell Soup Co. has recently dramatically increased its marketing budget with the launch of a multimedia ad campaign centered around a boy with a long beard (“The Wisest Kid in the Whole World”) who advises people to have soup.

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