Fun Fact Friday! Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Facts!

  • The internet was the fastest-growing U.S ad medium in 2015 with 18.2% growth.
  • Google was the biggest U.S. mobile ad seller in 2015 with $10 billion in mobile ad revenue.
  • The top 3 digital marketing priorities for B2B this year will be: content marketing, social media marketing & branding & website.
  • 48% of B2Bs plan to increase their digital advertising & marketing this year.
  • 5% of B2Bs plan to increase their content marketing this year.
  • 2% of B2B marketers are using print or other offline promotions.
  • Content marketing only accounts for 1-9% of a company’s’ total marketing budget.
  • 63% of marketers see website traffic as the main source of measuring the impact of their content marketing efforts. Only 30% look at subscriber growth as a measurement of success.
  • The top social media channels B2B marketers are using for content marketing are (in order): LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube.
  • LinkedIn is rated the most effective social media platform for content marketing, followed by Twitter.

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