#MarketingMonday Top 10 Tips for Marketing Your Insurance Agency

Best Practices for Marketing Your Insurance Agency

In honor of National Life Insurance month, we thought we’d share what we believe are the top 10 practices you should use when developing your agencies marketing strategy. To optimize your time and budget, focus on these cost efficient best practices for marketing your insurance services:

  1. Develop a Business Referral Partnership: Establish a mutually beneficial referral agreement with another local business that you trust, like an account, car dealer, or home contractor. Make sure you each have copies of one another’s business cards in your offices to distribute to customers and prospects.
  2. Enhance your Google Ranking: Consumers value convenience, and with so many searches for business services starting with a trip to a search engine, particularly Google, ranking well on Google Search and Google Maps, is essential.
  3. Make Your Business Cards Stand Out: A distinctive business card design will make your agency memorable and will set you apart from the competition. Add items like local police department, fire department, gas company, and electric company, so that prospects always have your card in their wallet or saved in an easily accessible place in their home.
  4. Partner with Your Local Chamber of Commerce: A presence on Google is essential, but don’t forget the importance of your local businesses community. Make sure your agency is listed in your local Chamber of Commerce’s printed and online directories.
  5. Write a Blog:Prospects are likely researching topics online that relate to your services, such as: “Cost to insure my teen driver,” “How to manage flood damage,” or “How to obtain health coverage from the Insurance Marketplace.” Consumers are more likely to partner with an organization that they feel is creditable and knowledgeable.
  6. The Power of Customer Testimonials:Ask your satisfied customers for a testimonial of their experience with your agency. Testimonials and endorsements lend credibility and help establish trust among prospective customers. Written testimonials can be placed on your website, or in print advertising, or you can record video testimonials and place them prominently on your website as well.
  7. Attend Local Networking Events:Your local chamber of commerce or other local business organizations likely host monthly or quarterly networking events. Attend as many as possible, and bring those memorable business cards with you! Not only will networking events help you to identify prospective clients, but you may also identify new businesses partnerships with future mutual referral opportunities.
  8. Brand Yourself: Wherever you travel in your community for events, meetings, and volunteer opportunities, you represent your agency. Branding yourself will help identify you to prospects and will also help with your overall brand awareness.
  9. Partner with a Local Charity to Elevate Your Brand: By aligning your company with a charitable event or organization, you not only have the opportunity to give back to your community and make a difference to those in need, but you can help to increase your brand awareness and elevate the perception of your agency.
  10. Create Social Media Profiles: Not only will this help you find business-to-business leads if you sell commercial insurance, but having Social Media pages that are continually updated with news, information, and links to educational content helps to establish your knowledge base and credibility.

Of course these tips are just a base. To learn more about ways to market your agency, contact us at Direct Marketing Solutions. We’d love to help!

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