Direct Marketing Solutions Indicias

Direct Marketing Solutions Indicia Guide

An indicia is a marking, printed on mailings, that denotes payment. Direct Mail Solutions has an account with the post office, called a permit, which all postage costs are withdrawn from. Our indicia shows that postage has been paid from our permit.

Guidelines to Follow for Indicias –

  • Permit imprints must be legible
  • Permit imprints must have no other printing above or to the right of the permit imprint in the address panel
  • Permit Imprints must include information about the rate (or class) of mail
  • Permit Imprints can be no smaller than ½” square, in no smaller than 4 point type, but must remain legible.
  • Permits must be within a clear area no more than 1 ½” below or left from the upper right corner of the mail-piece or of the address panel when oriented to read the address.
  • The box around the permit information is optional
  • You may use any legible font, in all upper, or mixed upper and lower case.
  • First-Class Mail is a registered trademark and must contain the hyphen (not a space) between “First” and “Class”
First-Class Single PieceDownload PDF | JPG Presorted First-Class
Download PDF | JPG
Standard (Bulk Rate)Download PDF | JPG Nonprofit StandardDownload PDF | JPG

Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM)Download PDF | JPG