Tips for Choosing the Right Envelopes

Tips for Choosing the Right Envelopes

Envelopes come in all shapes, sizes, styles, thicknesses and colors. Envelopes carry your company’s image as well as your documents. Here we give you tips for choosing the right envelopes.

The first form of communication between companies often comes in the form of a letter, and therefore the envelope you use is vital in portraying your company’s image, along with its stationery. The correct envelop will also determine your cost in your mailing campaign.

How to choose the right envelope size is a difficult thing for many people. After we prepare a marketing piece, we want to find the right size envelope to match. The very first step for making your envelope selection successful, is to know the size of your insert. Better yet, select the envelope first, and then design your insert to fit perfectly with the envelope of your choosing.

Consider your insert should ALWAYS be smaller than your envelope dimensions. Also bear in mind that if you are preparing your piece to be machinable, the side clearance should be 1/2” and the flap should be no greater than 1.75” deep.

Use this handy Envelop Guide from DMS to help you identify which envelope you need for your job - we have selected the most commonly requested sizes and types and put them in an easy-to-use format that tells you what product code you need to order. DMS Envelop Size Wall Chart

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