Tips for the Best Saturation Mailing

Tips for the Best Saturation Mailing - What Is Saturation Mailing?

Tips for the Best Saturation Mailing. A Saturation Mailing List allows you to possess one of the most powerful marketing tools available to cost-effectively reach the most customers and prospects. No second guessing. Simply put, your business message is delivered with a personalized address label complete with an occupant’s address, giving your mailing the personal touch.

What is it?

  • Also known as an occupant list
  • Cost saving, affordable direct mail marketing campaign tool for local businesses that rely on walk-in traffic, word of mouth, and who want to reach potential customers, establish brand awareness, expand into a new market, reach their best customers—their neighbors!
  • Literally, “saturates” a localized area with your message
  • Many local businesses target specified neighborhoods in a radius 2-5 miles from your business using ZIP Codes, City or County, Rural Routes, apartments & businesses within a postal carrier route
  • Mail at least 200 sorted & addressed in Walk Sequence order of a carrier postal route

How to Qualify for Maximum Saturation Mail Discounted Postage Rate

  • Most important! The mailing must be sorted in “Walk Sequence” order—the actual sequence the postal carrier walks the route. This is an Enhanced Carrier Route Walk Sequence (ECRWSS). Mailing in walk sequence order saves the Postal Service™ time, labor, and money and you benefit with reduced costs by making the Post Office job easier.
  • Follow the 90/75 Rule. You must mail at least 90% of residential addresses, or at least 75% of the total number of residential & business addresses in a given carrier route. If a carrier’s route consists of 500 addresses, 400 of which are residences, your saturation mailing would have to reach 90 percent or 360 of the 400 residential addresses or 75 percent (or 375 of ALL addresses in the carrier route).
  • Not allowed in a saturation mailing: personal letters, bills, invoices, statements, contracts, valuables, or currency.
  • Send only sales or promotional messages in format of letter, post cards, or flats.
  • Mailing must be sorted and addressed pieces all be the same size, shape and weight.

Cost Savings

  • Save 20-25 percent off the cost of Standard Mail & 50-60 percent off the cost of First-Class mail.
  • A Saturation mailing list typically costs up to 70 percent less than a Consumer or Business list.
  • Cost per lead is less than one penny on a Saturation Mailing list.
  • Non-profits can save even more (once confirmed eligible).

Your postal savings enable you to buy a larger Saturation list & mail more pieces. Send 10,000 pieces in a saturation mailing for the same price as 1,000 pieces with names on a consumer/business list. Be sure to read our Directly Speaking Blog.

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