Tips for Your Website and Online Presence


Check your website load time.

Your site may have been optimized when you first launched it, but any number of factors might have changed since then, affecting your page load times. Check at least once a month.

Check your site’s search feature

If your website has a search feature, put yourself in a customer’s shoes and do a few test searches based on terms they would use. Does the right information pop up in the results?

Check your site in search.

Do searches for your company name in Google and Bing. Find out where you stand in branded search.

Check your competitors’ sites in search.

Where do your competitors stand in their branded search?

Check search engine results for your targeted keywords.

What keyword strings are you ranking well for? What do your competitors rank well for? What are you up against?

Check your company info in Google Maps and Google+.

It may have been a while since you last checked your Google Maps listing. Not too long ago, Google released “Google My Business” as an easy way to keep your listings up to date. Keeping this information up to date is critical for two reasons. First, your customers know how to find you. The second reason is that you will get a nice SEO boost as a result.

Check your Yelp listing.

Take a look at your listing and make sure everything is in order. If you don’t have a listing, create one. This is low hanging fruit for an easy SEO boost.

Check up on your Google Analytics.

If you are involved in your company’s website, you are likely doing this as a regular part of your routine. However, at smaller organizations like startups, oftentimes marketers are so overwhelmed with their to-do list, looking at web analytics gets lost in the fray. Take a look at your heat maps, bounce rates, traffic trends, and so on.

Review your site in Google Webmaster Tools.

Its always good to know how Google sees your site. Go to your Webmaster tools account and audit/update your XML sitemaps, check for any 404 errors, test your robots.txt file, and check the mobile usability of your site.

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