#TipTuesday – 10 Tips for Increased Response from Direct Mailings

10 Quick Tips to Increase Direct Mail Advertising Response Rates

Did you know that in 1744, Benjamin Franklin invented the first mail order catalog? That folks marked the beginning of what we now know as direct mail marketing! In the 272 years since, direct mailing marketing has evolved and prospered and whether you are a seasoned marketer or just starting your first direct mail advertising campaign, getting the best response rate possible should be your goal. This week we list the top 10 tips for increasing your response rates for your direct mail campaign.

  1. Direct mail advertising just one component of your marketing plan, not the only component. When you use several methods and approaches you will get better response rates from each one, and they will all work together to give you superior results. Focusing on just one method limits the possibilities and restricts the brand exposure that you get.
  2. Test before you start a full-scale direct mail advertising campaign. Adjust your materials, message, approach, graphics, and other components as needed. Your test market should be the same demographic that you are targeting with your marketing materials.
  3. Clearly identify the purpose of your direct mail advertising. If you try to accomplish four things with your mail material and campaign, then you will probably end up accomplishing nothing and wasting your time and money.
  4. Make your material stand out. Do something to set it apart from all of the other mail that the recipient receives on a regular basis. Give it an unusual look, shape, size, or contents in order to make it different and original.
  5. Use a series of direct mail advertising. Don’tjust send one piece, one time. You may have to send several pieces before you are even noticed by the recipient.
  6. Personalization leads to an increase in response rates. When your recipient feels that you took the time to personalize a letter or other material just for them then they will view your company more favorably.
  7. On each piece you send, let recipients know where they can reach you by phone, physical address, websiteURL, and even email address. If you want someone to respond to your direct mail advertising, then give him or her more than one way to do this.
  8. Design every piece in the series with a recognizable element. This will help the recipient of your mailers to identify your company each time; so that you get their attention and ensure that your message sinks in.
  9. Monitor and track the responses. Make sure you are looking at the right metrics and tracking the right aspects. Your return on investment is the most important factor, and this should be the primary focus of your attention.
  10. Always include a call to action. This call will encourage your prospects to take the next step or perform the action that you want them to.

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