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Database Solutions

Direct Marketing Solutions will save you time and money on your postage with smart database solutions.

Is your data working hard for you? Do you know what garbage in/garbage out means? In this category of our blog, Database Solutions, Direct Marketing Solutions will help you save time and money on your postage with smart data management solutions by teaching you what good data is. As database systems mature and the need to consolidate data continues to rise, the ability to manage the integrity and quality of data becomes a more complex task.

Data quality problems are caused by data entry errors by customers, which includes typos, misspellings, etc. Another root cause of data quality issues is time decay. Contact data quality is always in flux. Individuals die, marry, and divorce. People and companies move – more than 40 million Americans (1 in 6) move annually according to the USPS. As a result, data that was once good, quickly grows stale, with the quality of stored U.S. addresses declining 17 percent each year, reports the USPS.

Cleaning up data is more important than ever because of the central role that analytics plays in business today. The strategy includes data validation and correction against reference datasets, and extracting entities/data points from the unstructured big data. In the end, the reliability of analytics derived from big data needs to be based on authoritative sources.

Contact data quality problems cost U.S. businesses billions each year in printing, postage and labor. In our blog we will help you:

• Improve and maintain business critical communications
• Meet regulatory compliance
• Increase the effectiveness of marketing campaigns
• Increase sales while reducing costs
• Improve profitability and fuel growth

With the proper tools and the right partner – a solution is within easy reach.

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