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Direct Mail for Real Estate

For many areas of the country, the real estate market is extremely strong right now. This means people are actively buying and selling properties. Whether you’re trying to work with residential customers, landlords or businesses, you need a top-notch, turnkey method to get the phone to ring. In other words, you need real estate direct mail. DMS can work with you to custom-design direct mail pieces, strategize a direct mail campaign, print all the campaign pieces and mail them from our USPS-certified facility. Make the move to a stronger position in your area’s real estate market by contacting us today!

Get the Advantages of Direct Mail for Real Estate Agents and Agencies

Direct mail can be a lifesaver for busy real estate agents who want to promote themselves without having to go door-to-door. With direct mail, you can use the power of mailboxes to woo new prospects and encourage people to choose you instead of a competitor.

DMS offers several different types of direct mail for real estate professionals. Choose from the following, or use a combination of all for maximum impact:

  • Saturation Bulk Mail: The bulk mail process involves sending a direct mail piece to every mailbox within a specific region. Saturation bulk mail completely blankets an area of your community, and it is very affordable. In general, it’s best to use saturation bulk mailing when you have a basic message you want to showcase, rather than a specific message that requires a strategically targeted market.
  • EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail): EDDM was released by the USPS several years ago as an alternative to traditional saturation bulk mailing. When you choose EDDM, you basically give the USPS enough pieces of direct mail for a single postal carrier or a number of postal carriers. The postal carrier then delivers the pieces on their route, dropping one of your marketing items into every mailbox. EDDM is suitable for messages that are targeted to a particular neighborhood.
  • Targeted Direct Mail: If you want to create brochures, flyers or postcards that are meant to entice a certain demographic section of the population, you may find targeted direct mail to be a better fit. DMS can help you uncover direct mail lists to fit your desired demographic slices, such as homeowners with homes worth a certain value or married couples between 30 to 44 years of age. Targeted direct mail positions you to speak directly to those prospective clients most likely to need your services in the near future.

Brand Your Real Estate Business With DMS

Direct mail isn’t just about making the sale today, but about making the sale tomorrow, too. Direct mail through our company allows you to brand your business the smart way. Each of our real estate direct mail pieces is sent as an individual unit. We do not cram yours into a packet with tons of other messages from companies. Your standalone piece is more apt to be seen and read, and your brand will start to take shape in the community.

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