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Marketing – The Tried and True

Marketing 101

I found this article this morning and immediately looked at when it was published. Back in 2011??? Does the information still hold true 5 years later? You bet ya!

The tips seem so basic, so Marketing 101. But in today's marketing landscape, that's exactly where you need to start. BE BASIC!

The way we market to consumers seems to change daily. With all the newfangled technology you need to ask yourself, do I really need to market this way?   Does your company really need to be on Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat? Does your company need a smartphone app? Do you really need to leverage augmented reality? What about gamification? It’s easy to get your head turned by new, high-tech developments but it's not somewhere every company needs to be.

As a marketing professional who has been in the field for 25+ years, I put my own theories to the test and it’s become clear to me that many companies have needlessly forsaken some marketing strategies that still have life in them all in the name of trying to be hi-tech. Anyone who’s bought a smartphone in the last 18 months is doing some things they hadn’t imagined yet. When they read about a big company launching a cutting-edge initiative, they want in — but the economics usually only make sense for large companies that have experimental budgets. Instead, it often pays to focus on bread-and-butter marketing (like direct mail) or even on technical innovations of the past few years that are effective, but less novel (like mobile websites).

Sometimes — depending on your industry and target audience — the new, shiny tool or technique is the right way to go. But often, you can get a better result by drawing from your existing resources and simply being strategic about how to communicate in a more memorable way than your competitors.

For small businesses, I highly recommend starting with the tried and true and this Back to Basics article is a great way to start!

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