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#MarketingMonday – Getting Attention with Direct Mail

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Getting Attention with Direct Mail

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In today's digital world, direct mail promotions are still a profitable marketing solution. While the total number of direct mail pieces sent out each year has declined, there’s still great marketing opportunity with direct mail. Especially if organizations learn to better create and target mailings to speak to the individual. Being personal is still supremely important in marketing. A staggering 70% of Americans say snail mail is more personal than the Internet, according to the Direct Marketing Association.

According to a survey in Target Marketing Magazine, 30% of business to consumer marketing professionals said they use direct mail as their first choice for acquiring new customers. Marketing has evolved from the days of mass mailings to a more focused, and highly targeted mailing list, ensuring personalized promotions that drive purchases.

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Consumers said they tend to open envelopes promising a coupon inside. While many customers prefer mail from a trusted brand, or local business, others stress their interest in visually appealing pieces.

So what works?

  • A great way to entice new customers is with coupons. Offering your product or service for the first time, at a discounted rate, is a solid approach. Direct mail coupons are highly measurable and easy to track with a simple coding or numbering design. This will enable your business to track the success of the coupon campaign.
  • Always place your logo in a highly visible location on the mailer. Local businesses, like well-known brands, should make things clear and simple for recipients.
  • Whether you purchase your list of potential customers, or develop one from satisfied clients, be sure that your data is clean and targeted. Postage for a direct mail campaign can be expensive. A focused mailing list will help to decrease your costs, while increasing your return on investment.
  • Focus on the specifications of your ideal customer, in detail. Specify information where can, such as, gender, age, zip code, or hobbies, in order to define your ideal customer. This type of targeted list may cost more per name, but will save you on postage and printing costs.
  • Consumers are more likely to open an envelope with their name on it, than one addressed to "Resident."
  • Test, test, re-test. Start with a test mailing, reaching out to a smaller customer base, at a lower cost to get an idea of your ROI and interest for that demographic. You can adjust your strategy, as needed, for future mailings.
  • Learn from each direct mail promotion. Keep track of your results from each mailing, until you find the best formula for acquiring and retaining customers. Be sure to schedule your mailings appropriately. If a customer receives your 'special offer 'too often, it may no longer feel special.

For tips like these be sure to check out our website at or call us for help in planning your next direct mailing at 440-942-8803.

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