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Millennials and the Mailbox

Millennials and the Mailbox

Key findings from the USPS and Summit Research survey reinforce that Millennials not only pay close attention to direct mail, but they also are involved in politics and very engaged in the political mail they receive—even more than non-Millennials.

  • Millennials read, discuss, and use political mail at higher rates than non-Millennials.
  • Political mail prompts Millennials to learn more about the candidates online.
  • Political mail has importance for down-ballot races.
  • Millennials prefer political mail over other forms of political advertising.

Millennials prefer and are accustomed to verifying information from multiple sources. Political mail provides an opportunity for campaign integration, by listing website and social media channels. As many Millennials are new to the voting process, direct mail can serve to educate and remind them of important upcoming action, such as early-voting dates. Millennials want an authentic and direct connection to the candidate.

With a saturated and competitive political advertising environment in the 2016 election cycle, campaigns will need to maximize opportunities to get the right messages in front of the right audiences at the right time.

How can a political direct mailpiece best grab the Millennial voter’s attention?

• Keep it short and sweet. • Provide clear references for further engagement by sharing websites and social media.
• Use a flat, double-sided design. • Provide an explicit call to action for voters.
• Use bolding, bullets, short phrases, and large high-contrasts fonts to make key points stand out. • Invite young voters to share information with their family and friends.
• Clearly source quotes or third-party information, particularly on negative mailers. • Use images of candidates in authentic, real-life situations.

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