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Non-Profit Marketing Tips

Non-Profit Marketing Tips

Marketing tips for non-profits, specifically? Marketing is marketing is marketing. Whether you are a non-profit or for-profit company, large corporation or small business, the same marketing fundamentals apply. Your organization is your primary brand. Start by defining its architecture. Determine all of your potential audiences, and research what other similar groups (or competitors) are doing. Figure out your brand’s attributes, promise, positioning, personality and touchpoints. You can’t build a house without a foundation, so lay the groundwork first.

Non-Profit organizations should leverage the power of both traditional and digital marketing tools that are available, to promote communications, fund-raising events, encourage followers to stay engaged with the activities to support and raise funds for the organization. Here are some marketing tips on how to promote your non-profit organization both online and off to help reach your target market.

  1. Make segmented mailing lists – so your donors aren’t receiving the volunteer’s invitation to come help at the event. It seems basic but it’s shocking how rarely email or physical mailing lists are updated. Spend the time on this before you send out anything – your response rate will be that much higher.
  2. Create an annual calendar of events and campaigns. Share it with your staff and review it quarterly. The calendar will help you map out the timing of your marketing, give you an idea of when your organization is most stretched for resources and tell you if you have too many overlapping demands on your audiences.
  3. Choose the most appropriate channels for your audience. Of course you want to make sure you’re reaching your multiple audiences through multiple channels. But this can quickly become unmanageable. Instead, prioritize the top 1-2 channels most relevant for each group, and use them consistently. For donors it might be direct mail and follow up emails; for volunteers it could be Facebook and a phone call. Mix and match, and repeat.
  4. Be realistic about your capacity. Look at your track record: open-rate of e-mails, responses to direct mail, likes on Facebook and then decide how much of your precious time you realistically need to devote to each group and each channel.
  5. Build an easy-to-navigate website with good content, call-to-action components for how to get involved with the organization and how to spread the word.
  6. Use optimization tools to optimize the tools to build ranking with search engines.
  7. If you are already using offline marketing methods, be sure to start highlighting the website and encourage followers to visit the website. This will drive targeted traffic to the website.
  8. Start both direct mail and email marketing campaigns to promote events around town and how to register.
  9. Send out press releases a few days before the event, to advertise and engage more audience.
  10. Engage in Social Media Networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn as an organization and build your network of fans.
  11. Post the images and video of the event that is successfully concluded on Google images, Pinterest, Instagram or YouTube and other picture and video sharing sites.
  12. Add online forums and blog to your website. This will keep the audience engaged among themselves and share ideas.

Using various resources to implement an effective marketing campaign is the best way to reach out to the community who is looking for ways to help your organization. When you do need to reach out for creative strategy assistance, make sure you have your ducks in a row. Have a specific focus and be able to clearly articulate what you are requesting. Sharing your mission, vision and goals is extremely helpful in providing guidance to a marketing firm, so it can be most effective in helping you.

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