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Nonprofits Holiday Tips

Nonprofits Tips for the Holidays

The month of December is a great opportunity month for nonprofits, especially those who rely on end-of-year giving to reach fundraising goals. Even though it’s the middle of December, it’s still a good time to connect with supporters before the end of the year, and good marketing can help. Here are some great ways to stay in touch for nonprofits:

Send a “Thank You” message

Don’t miss the chance to say thank you to all the people who have contributed to your success in 2016. Send a thank you message to everyone on your email list, or create a personalized thank you message for all the different groups of people that you work with.

Do you have a list of recurring donors or volunteers who are always there when you need them? Are there businesses or other partners who have shown their support? The personal touch of a thank you card or email can make people feel appreciated and remind them of how important their support really is.

Recurring giving

December is a great time to highlight the different giving programs you have available for 2017. Tap into the giving season and set your organization up for success in the New Year by encouraging people to become recurring donors.  Attach giving levels, special perks, and impact descriptions to monthly gift tiers so that you make recurring giving an attractive option.

Fundraising reminder

Chances are your end of year fundraising is already underway. Maybe you participated in #GivingTuesday and are already on pace to reach your fundraising goals.

Build on that success by sending a fundraising mailer to encourage more people to get involved. Update people on your fundraising goals and give them different options to get involved. Thank them for giving on #GivingTuesday.

It’s Not Too Late for a Contest

It’s not too late to engage supporters in a new way this holiday season. Try a holiday photo contest, asking donors to post a selfie that relates to your organization on social media after making a donation.

Contests like this are a great way to bring your marketing and social media together and generate valuable word of mouth for your organization.

Indicate the Tax Benefits

Perhaps the most important aspect of December giving is ending the fiscal year. April 15 is right around the corner. Emphasize the benefits of donations on taxes. This can make a huge difference for some people and albeit most know, it does not hurt to give special emphasis.

People are in a great mood, they have money budgeted to spend, and they are planning to enjoy the holidays!! Not only does your marketing work now, but when other businesses slow down, you will have hits, traffic and people will stop by your URL or Call to Action, so you can change your offer weekly, or as you see fit! Right through January! Instead of slowing down in January, you will still have coverage!

Put these ideas into action. Don’t miss out on the chance to connect with customers and supporters during the holiday season. Not sure where to start? Contact Direct Marketing Solutions, we’d be glad to help!

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