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Post-Holiday Marketing

Time to Start Thinking Post-Holiday

Right now everybody’s thinking HOLIDAY! But now’s the time you should start thinking about post-holiday.  It’s a given that advertising before the holiday is a smart choice but advertising after the holiday will be a huge benefit to your business. Holiday marketing has potential to generate major profits in the fourth quarter. For this reason, it’s important to begin your post-holiday marketing plans now.

The last week of December and January can be a slow time for retailers and other businesses. But it doesn’t have to be, especially if you can leverage holiday sales. So what can ecommerce and bricks-and-mortar businesses do to take advantage the December bump and keep customers buying after Christmas (and Hanukkah and Kwanzaa) is over?

  1. Include a discount coupon or gift card for a January purchase with items sold in December. Offer deals that provide customers with an attractive discount on a future purchase that activates two to four weeks after their initial transaction.
  2. Keep holiday marketing efforts going until the end of the year. People are still in buying mode the week prior to New Year's. They are cashing in on gift certificates and exchanging things, looking to spend cash they were given for the holidays.
  3. Thank holiday shoppers and loyal customers with post-holiday special deals or savings. Send customers who purchased during the holiday season a follow-up thank-you highlighting exclusive offers or targeted deals for an exclusive period.
  4. Run a fun post-holiday contest. Example: Create a contest online and encourage pics of the worst or wackiest holiday gift received.
  5. Follow-up with customers. Email them helpful suggestions on what to buy next.
  6. Recoup sales from abandoned shopping carts. Buyers frequently use the cart to store items they plan to buy later or to view and buy on another device. Many even use them as a wish list. If you're able to capture an email address on abandoned carts, you should have a qualified pool of shoppers to market to and keep your sales momentum moving after the holidays
  7. Keep the deals coming with special January promotions and discounts. "Make them an offer they can't refuse” such as buy one get one free, so they are getting two for the price of one. You could also do buy one get the second one half off. Scour your inventory for lines that don't sell particularly well -- and discount them.
  8. Use social media. "Reward customers for being connected with social-only incentives.
  9. Launch a new product or service. "One way to entice [customers] to visit your store after the holidays is to launch a new product or service," Another idea to consider is giving away a new product with any purchase during the month of January."

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