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Reaching Voters Through Political Direct Mail

Political Direct Mail - Reaching Voters Through Political Direct Mail

Political direct mail helps candidates reach their potential voters and has a proven track record of success. Customized direct mail pieces that gets your voters to the polls on election day is a highly effective way to reinforce your message. The more media channels your message is communicated through EFFECTIVELY, the greater the number of opportunities your message has to make a lasting impression.

How important is mail to your campaign? How can you use mail to your best advantage?

A political campaign is like a business in that it is striving to win over as much of its voter “market” as it can with limited resources. Direct Mail offers six key factors to help you. Mail is:

Targeted. Target voters by variables such as household income, gender, and geographic location. And focus your media dollars on the people most likely to be influenced by your message.

Measurable. Track responses to fund-raising solicitations and surveys, and learn what works and what doesn’t. Then apply that knowledge to future mailings to continuously improve your response rate.

Tangible. People can hold mail, spend time with it, and save it. Many people refer to mailings while they fill out their absentee ballots.

Powerful. Create powerful mailpieces with personalized messaging and graphics. Or include an interactive device such as a QR Code,® SnapTag,™ or PURL to drive voters to your website.

Flexible. Unlimited formats are available to meet any budget, deadline, or objective.

Cost-effective. Mail concentrates on a specific target, and the format can be as inexpensive as a postcard.

Seven rules of successful Political Direct Mail

  • Let your visuals do most of the talking – The visual element engages people and gets their attention.
  • Create a “scannable” mailpiece – Voters should be able to visually scan the mailpiece and understand the message. Use plenty of white space, visuals, and bulleted copy.
  • Keep it simple – Two or three major points are more likely to be remembered than a half-dozen.
  • Make sure the layout flows – People generally look at a page from left to right, top to bottom. Your layout should follow the same flow.
  • Ensure it is relevant – When the message is relevant, it’s automatically engaging. Craft the message so it addresses the specific concerns of the target.
  • Add footnotes for credibility – Quotes or statistics add power to a political mailpiece. Be sure to include footnotes to give these statements credibility.
  • Time the mailing for the best response – Time mailings to coincide with a candidate’s speaking engagement, a TV campaign, or right before the election for greatest success.

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