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Spread the Joy to Every Door This Holiday Season

Spread the Joy to Every Door This Holiday Season

Seasonal postcards are a great retention marketing tool to stay connected to your customers and prospect for new ones. Whether your business is helping customers deck their halls or add trim to their homes, help them stuff stockings or create a holiday fest, direct mailing marketing is the right tool to reach them all.

With Every Door Direct Mail service, postcards hit every household, business or both in your selected zip code.  You don’t have to have a well-defined mailing list if your target audience is everyone who lives within driving distance of your location. EDDM marketing campaigns can be deployed practically overnight, so you can jump on those last-minute holiday marketing opportunities and boost sales. Postcards are among the cheapest marketing materials to print, and the United States Post Office offers discounted postage rates for EDDM postcards; which means you get the biggest bang for your buck by printing EDDM postcards for holiday marketing.

Mail Tips for Your Every Door Direct Mail Campaign -

  1. Identify Neighborhoods with your Specific Demographic - You can use demographic data including age range, average household income and size to choose among mailing routes.
  2. Use Postcards - Postcards are easy and economical to use. You can pack a great deal of information on postcards. They are quite effective for announcing sales, new products, and grand openings. There are a variety of sizes that the Post Office approves.
  • 4.25 x 10.625 Postcard
  • 4.25 x 15 Postcard
  • 6.25 x 9 Postcard
  • 6 x 11 Postcard
  1. Know the Income Level and Spending Habits - Pick out the best possible areas to target. Each zip code and neighborhood may have different demographics, spending patterns, and income levels. If you use the wrong zip codes or geographic neighborhoods, then your entire campaign could be wasted without any results to show.
  2. Quality over Cost - Never choose a digital printer for your EDDM materials based on the cost quote provided alone. There may be cheaper printing companies out there, but they may not provide the best possible results and the highest possible quality because they cut corners to cut costs. Poor materials can be even worse than no marketing at all.
  3. Set your Budget - Find out the average costs involved in an EDDM campaign before you try to set a budget amount, so that you have a reasonable idea of what a campaign can cost. This will help you set a budget that is sufficient to meet your campaign goals.
  4. Professional Design - Get design help if this is needed. Some mail houses have in house design assistance that can be provided as needed, so ask if you need this service.
  5. Be Inviting - Since Every Door Direct Mail can easily target homes near your business, use it for inviting recipients to a special event like a clearance sale, wine tasting, holiday party, or product announcement. You can even make it a “neighborhood only” event to suggest exclusivity.
  6. Make it Simple and Provide Help or Solutions - As much as you would like to make your direct mail all about how great your business is; this is not what people want to read. Provide a solution to a problem they might have. For instance, if your business is pest and insect removal, telling people all about the techniques you use is generally not the best way to go. Let readers know that their infestation troubles can be easily eliminated if they contact you.
  7. Embrace the season - The holidays are a joyous and fun-filled time, so have marketing materials that reflect this theme! When you do so, it also makes your mail piece more enticing to the eye. Engage readers in a personal and fun way this holiday season. Be merry!
  8. Spread the cheer…and the savings! - People are always on the lookout for a bargain during the holidays, so give them something to be cheerful about! Direct mail is the perfect opportunity to showcase your latest discounts, offers and contests. Tease potential new costumers and reward those who are loyal to your brand with your holiday campaign and set up a clear call-to-action that reaches everyone.

So begin your festive holiday campaign right now! Need help? Direct Marketing Solutions is the premier direct mail company that can help with any need. Printing, binding, automation fulfillment and more—we can make your campaign a jolly one! For more tips like these, be sure to read our blog, Directly Speaking.

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