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#TipTuesday – Quick Tips for Political Mail

TipTuesday - Week 07/05/2016

TipTuesday - Ways to Send Political Mail

Every Door Direct Mail

Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM®) is a service from the Postal Service™ that allows you to mail to entire routes, as opposed to individual addresses. EDDM also allows campaigns to:

  • Target entire cities, ZIP Codes™, neighborhoods, or individual mail routes.
  • Avoid buying expensive address lists or sending mailings to people outside of your constituency.
  • Save money with low per-piece postage costs for a Standard Mail® Flat, that still provides plenty of space for your message details.

First-Class Mail®

Use First-Class Mail for things like personalized letters, fundraising invitations, or any communications with a personal touch. And when you pay for 1 oz, you may be able to get the second ounce free on automated or presort First-Class Mail.

Standard Mail

Standard Mail is ideal for sending postcards, printed flyers, advertisements, or newsletters. Certain restrictions apply, so review the guidelines to make sure your mail piece is eligible.

Addressing Political Mail

Before you send your political mailing, make sure your address lists are complete and correct. The right addresses aren’t just important for timely delivery; accurate addresses can help you manage mailing costs.

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