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#TipTuesday- Targeting Millennials

Millennial’s Response to Direct Mail Is More Powerful Than You Think – Discover the Statistics About Millennials and Direct Mail

If you own a business today, one of the best ways to get most of the interest you wanted for your product or services is by capturing the attention of the millennials. Most of the online marketers and entrepreneurs nowadays are putting their best effort to make their offerings get noticed by the millennials.

Although some of the millennials already have families, still they are considered to be digital natives where they own the average of 7.1 devices and surprisingly, touching smartphones 43x per day. However, this does not necessarily mean that they were limited by other means of communication.

Many of the millennials are being influenced by direct mail. Here, you will be able to learn statistics about Millennials and direct mail which you can use on your next marketing campaign and strategy.

• 75% of Millennials Consider Direct Mail They Receive to be Valuable – as a marketer, you have to take advantage that even Millennials still see direct mail to be essential and create a marketing strategy about it.

• 90% of Millennials Prefer Postal Delivery Over Email When Receiving Any Promotional Items – some people consider postal delivery to be preferable over email due to its authentication.

• 73% of Millennials Use Direct Mail Coupons During Purchases – consider that direct mail can provide more offered discounts, more people are getting interested in it.

• 82% of Millennials Are Interested to Read Direct Mail from Retail Brands and 54% Hope to Receive Hard-copy Retail Catalogs via mail – people are getting more practical and aim to find the best solutions to make their life be more convenient.

• 90% of Millennials See Direct Mail Advertising to be Reliable – if you prefer your promo ads to be on direct mail, the more chances for you to let your customers be on your side.

• 92% of Millennials Prefer to Make Purchase Decision through Direct Mail Opposing the 78% being influenced by email – some of the shoppers still prefer direct mail to be a guide in providing better decision makings.

• 63% of Millennials Who Respond to Direct Mail within the past 3 months Made a Purchase – as millennials receive direct mail and respond to it, there is a greater opportunity to purchase some items.

• 25% of Millennials Consider Reading Direct Mail as Form of Leisure Activity – Direct mail can be a form of leisure activities.

• 80% of Millennials Wanted Brands to Entertain Them and Find Direct Mail to be entertaining – people will always love to get entertained while purchasing.

• Ages 18 to 21 Immediately Read Mailings 62% of the Time – upon receiving the direct mail, people will automatically read it with great interest compare to other forms of promo ads, so better for you to make it more engaging.

So to stand out with Millennials start adding Direct Mail to your marketing mix and watch your response rate increase!

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